Leeds Skelton Lake Services will be the ideal place to stop for a break from a journey on the Motorway Network, providing the opportunity to relax with an excellent overall customer experience, as well as selecting from an extensive range of complementary popular and iconic ‘brands’.

The high-quality, innovative building design features sweeping and exposed long-span timber beams with an undulating ‘Living Green Roof’, which ties the building into the natural landscape, providing extensive natural light together with meeting high environmental standards on ‘sustainability’.

The Brands

An extensive complementary range of popular and iconic ‘brands’ will provide Food & Beverage, ancillary retail, leisure, Hotel, Business Centre and Fuel Facilities, inclusive of Alternative Fuels such as Electric Vehicle Charging.

This website will imminently be updated with confirmation of the extensive range of ‘brands’ as now ‘contracted’.



The parking areas will include ample easy to use facilities and be separately allocated for cars/light vehicles, caravans/trailers, coaches, motorcycles, bicycles and lorries.

Fuel Filling Station

No matter what time of day or night you’re travelling, you’ll find our fuel filling station open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Electric charging

Electric charging provides an ecologically friendly yet sophisticated approach to powering your vehicle. Leeds Skelton Lake Services will provide drivers with the latest technology 350kW High Powered Chargers for all electric vehicle models.

Toilet facilities

Our spacious washroom and WC facilities include free showers and are ideal should you wish for more than a simple wash and brush up after a long day, or night, on the road.

There will be a full standard Changing Places facility in accordance with the overall objectives of Highway England and the MSA sector, in addition to other Disability/Accessible WC facilities.


The 100-bedroom hotel will provide the perfect place to rest, relax and recuperate after a long day on the road.

Food Court

In an attractive and relaxing environment, there will be a wide and varied selection of well-known and popular Food & Beverage ‘brands’, inclusive of convenience store and other ancillary retail facilities.

Business Centre

As a gateway site to the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone, the modern business centre will provide a perfect location for business meetings, work stations and other facilities while on the move.

RSPB Visitor Centre

At upper floor level, accessible by Lift and a ‘feature’ staircase, there will be a Visitor Centre and Viewing Deck within the Food Court Building, with extensive views across Skelton Lake and the surrounding countryside.

Outdoor Activities

Skelton Lake

Whilst visiting the Leeds Skelton Lake MSA, wildlife enthusiasts and visitors in general can enjoy the surrounding habitats and gain helpful information on the local animal and plant life.

Harnessing the beauty of the natural landscape which surrounds the MSA is a key priority for Extra, working in conjunction with Leeds City Council, the RSPB and other local environmental groups to ensure visitors have the best experience when visiting the Lake.

Local Wildlife

The local area surrounding Leeds Skelton Lake is rich in wildlife, with woodland, lakes and open pasture all on our doorstep.

The nearby St Aidan’s Nature Reserve is a stunning park to explore, home to an array of wild plants and animals, including bitterns, avocets, black terns, skylarks and meadow pipits.

With a variety of pathways of varying lengths to explore, Leeds Skelton Lake and the local area is a great place for families and passers-by to enjoy the outdoors, stop for a bite to eat and stretch your legs on a long journey. Whether you’re on foot or on your bike, visitors can enjoy the vibrant, colourful plants and thriving birdlife whilst unwinding in a stress-free environment.

Picnic and play area

We know how important it is to take a break when on a family journey.

Leeds Skelton Lake Services will have a number of outdoor seating areas giving you the chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on warmer days. New pathways will link through to a safe play area for children, while those of you wanting to stretch your legs will be able to walk through the attractively landscaped grounds, including beyond to Skelton Lake and also through to the wider Calder Valley and Rotherdale Country Park.

Walking and Cycling

Through new landscaping and improved pathways, we are proposing to promote a ‘green corridor’ through Leeds Skelton Lake Services and beyond.

The provision of new and additional walking routes, cycle paths and nature trails will provide an excellent opportunity to link Leeds Skelton Lake up to other routes in the area, including the popular Wykebeck Way. The Motorway Service Area will provide an additional much desired stop off point on the journey from Roundhay Park to Temple Newsam House, with ample easily accessible cycle parking facilities available on-site.

As part of the Aire Valley Green Infrastructure Network, Leeds Skelton Lake Services will make a substantial contribution to facilitating the promotion of the countryside of East Leeds for residents and visitors to enjoy.